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SALT WATER was established in 1995 through Marie Zacharaki’s vision to bring high end fashion and design innovation to the Greek market. A company built on the values of the people behind it, SALT WATER diversifies the brands with which it works in order to accommodate the ever more demanding needs of the industry.

The company offers the carefully selected fashion houses which it represents a solid footing from which to launch and the professional expertise that will allow them to effectively enter but also expand in the Greek market.

SALT WATER today plays a leading role in the Greek fashion industry. Having initially started off as a distributor specializing in what Greece is renowned for, it’s summer, SALT WATER introduced some of the world’s top and most promising resort-wear brands to the market. The company quickly dominated this sector through its portfolio, service, and personal approach, thus effectively accessing all the leading boutiques and resorts in mainland Greece and its islands. It would not stop there however. After firmly establishing its position as the leader in this sector, SALT WATER also expanded into the apparel/accessories market with tremendous success, and of course, to the delight of its clientele.

The company presently caters to over 150 carefully selected active wholesales customers. The total customer base within SALT WATER’s portfolio amounts to over 400 POS that include multi-brand stores, department stores and high level resorts.

SALT WATER is about offering a boutique level experience in a wholesale context.