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SALTWATER is a full service showroom offering total brand support from sales and in-house brand consulting, to marketing and media services. We represent international brands in their transition into the Greek Market. Our goal and specialty is to preserve our brand’s story and image while effectively translating it, or further establishing it, in our market.
More specifically, we offer:
  • Optimal brand presentation in personalized showroom space
  • Effective sales representation due to unique market knowledge
  • Brand specific collection merchandising
  • Sales showcases
  • High-level customer service
  • After sales follow-up and back-office support
  • Seasonal summary and forecast projections
  • Seasonal collection assessment
  • Complete product knowledge and merchandising training
  • Logistical services
Effective marketing and media relations services are also provided to each brand through our specialized PR and Marketing partner. We recognize the fact that every brand is unique and requires a customized strategy befitting the brand image. Customized PR campaigns that highlight the qualities that are unique to our brands are provided, thus differentiating each brand from the rest of the market.