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It all began with something simple…
In 1923, on their wedding day, Edgar and Theresa Hyman founded Echo scarfs. Since then, Echo has grown into America’s best-kept fashion secret. With each new line of luxury handbags, beachwear, home design and accessories, Echo has brought the same timeless values of quality, craftsmanship, and integrity.
We believe inspired design changes everything. We believe that for every season there is a pattern. For every mood, a color. That in a world where everything changes, the transformative power of beauty never goes out of style. And for everyday inspiration, there is always Echo. After almost 90 years, our love affair with bold gorgeous colors and vibrant patterns is still going strong. Traits clearly evident in the brand’s swimwear and resort-wear lines that are perfect for every body type,but also in the amazing winter presentation of the brand that showcases scarfs, hats, gloves, hoods and an excellent selection of knits.