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Temps juste

When made by hand and traditionally, objects have an additional meaning and uniqueness. Our creation process follows the idea of temps juste: the time needed to achieve perfection.

Each piece requires many hours of patient and precise work. But they also require passion and the expertise of a gesture mastered by the next generation of Brazilian artisans.

Point of view

Joining cutting-edge design and traditional craftsmanship techniques Helen Rödel designs are deeply rooted yet globally connected. Totally unseen yet memorable.

Helen Rödel is devoted to authorial design work that changes perceptions and elevates artisanal artistry of all handmade garments to new summits.

Tropical by nature

Her design perspectives also attempt to unveil her lyrical gaze on her home country, Brazil. This was a sentimental election, intensely related to the idea of making a portrait of an incognito, unexplored Brazil. Everything born is so unknown. Brazil has a lot of land and history, but keeps itself perennially in a unborn status, perhaps because there is so much fertility here that always something fleshy and colorful is about to bloom.