Resort and Beach Wear

“Les N√©obourgeoises” was born 7 years ago on the shores of the French Riviera in Cannes.
Their creator, a young bohemian and self-taught woman, was largely inspired by her travels and more especially from St Barth and Bali
to give life to a collection full of lightness and freshness.
Her first models; two ponchos that she dyes herself in her kitchen sink in the colours of the rainbow, are a great success.
The brand takes off. The premises are expanding but the artisanal process remains the same.
Designed by Christelle, the models entrusted to two manufacturers come to life and colour in Christelle’s workshop.
Silk dresses and ponchos, with various patterns, enrich this beautiful flower garden.
From New York to Ibiza, from Saudi Arabia to Reunion, via France, the designs of “N√©obourgeoises” seduce city dwellers as much as vacationers, with their timeless femininity.