Resort and Beach Wear

Rococo Sand is a brand started by Designers Hemant and Nandita in 2014. A women’s wear brand with target clientele of fun loving,
free spirited women who love holidays, beaches and parties. It is all about easy breezy silhouettes with a lot of color in prints and
embroidery with a contemporary twist. The mix of light pure fabrics with splendid colors gives it a unique appeal.

The Rococo Sand collection blends casual sophistication with effortless style. Weightless designs are fused in opulent fabrics with
vibrant patterns to entwine simplicity and elegance, thus presenting chic, understated resort glamour to the modern, independent
woman who is out-and-out trendy. The heady concoction of comfortable, breezy silhouettes, splash of sprightly hues and uber-cool
prints and patterns fit into the contemporary fashionable lifestyle of the neo-age wearer who is always on-the-go and ready to
embrace the world. The collection oozes out newness and comes across as a breath of fresh air for the urban woman. The brand
exudes an extreme sense of balance and casual sophistication.