Resort and Beach Wear

Created in the heart of the Amalfi coast, in the picturesque town of Positano, the brand “Temptation” draws inspiration for its fashion collections from these idyllic destinations with their unique appeal, where nature leaves people to imbibe themselves with mesmerizing smells and colors. It has been starring for 40 years in this adventure in the world of fashion. Temptation Positano uses materials such as Sangallo lace, macramé, linen, and silk, so giving life to fashion collections that thanks to the specific finish and accurate trimmings are appreciated all over the world. The brand is proud to hold that “Made in Italy” label, which is ever rarer. Every stage of production takes place in Italy where small firms with many years of experience in the sector work the textiles. Specifically, all items are produced in Positano and are rigorously hand sewn by tailors and artisans on the Amalfi coast. This exceptional love for each and every product ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.