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Artesano was co-founded in 2014 by Miami-based business partners and entrepreneurs, Claudia Estrada and Xavier Blum. Claudia and Xavier were both born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and are passionate about showcasing their homeland’s proud heritage of craftsmanship. Artesano’s name, which means hand-crafted, was chosen for the same reason; all of the products are handmade. Most of the materials are eco-friendly and vegan. The brand works with artisans in the coastal and mountainous towns in Ecuador. These artisans work out of their homes to in order to take care of their children and families. The artisans have inherited the craft of weaving from previous generations. Their art form has been a gift passed down for thousands of years, and Artesano strives to help them continue with the tradition for centuries to come. Toquilla straw is the material used for the majority of straw based pieces. Toquilla straw comes from the Carludovica Palmata plant which grows in Central America to Bolivia. The leaves are thinly cut by hand to make the fibers for the Panama Hat. They are then boiled, bleached and dried so the artisans can begin the weaving process.
Some Panama Hats can take up to 4 months to finish!