From Our Brands


This season’s inspiration is Blossom. A sunny, floral fantasy during a time of the year that is symbolic of life, joy, sun, rebirth and renewal. A season that inspires people to blossom, to flourish, grow, become. Through travel to develop new confidence, skills, interests and enjoy the richness of life’s experiences. This season features a hero print called Fiore, a delicate floral repeating print in blue, white and earthy biscuit colorways featuring on swim shorts, shirts and resort shirts in linen and lyocell. Filled with rich prints, there are additional floral prints in reds and greens with an outstanding blue and pink blossom photographic print. The prints are complimented with gorgeous linens, cashmere, knitwear, cotton silk and merino pieces.

Spring’24 also sees the introduction of second Graphite capsule featuring active styles with technical touches in swim shorts, t-shirts, sweats and outerwear.  Across the season OB continues it commitment to sustainability, measuring the impact on the planet, reducing across production, products, and operations, and balancing what cannot be reduced through Blue Carbon Projects, restoring ocean ecosystems.