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CAMILLA WITH LOVE Next stop: Italy!

“Amore Mio is my long awaited return-to-travel collection, and the saying is true, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. When I travelled through Italy every moment seemed to last forever and every sense was tantalised. The scent of citrus and Italian roses, the taste of salt on my lips, wind whipping through my hair on the backseat of a stranger’s vespa, and colours that tumbled from market day baskets. I wanted to capture those moments, that romanticism, and evoke the magic of falling in love with a destination all over again.

Throughout the Amore Mio collection, I’m honored to partner with one of the most luxurious travel brands in the world – The Leading Hotels Of The World – with collaborative prints dedicated to six of their iconic Italian hotels. There’s so much synergy between The Leading Hotels Of The World and CAMILLA; the love of travel, curiosity, escapism, opulence, discovery… and the passion for unique and authentic experiences. These prints will transport you to hotels that are some of the most extraordinary, desired, historic and unforgettable places in the world.

In Italy, they say “life is a voyage, those who travel live twice”. This collection is an homage to everything I hold dear: storytelling, exploring, artisanal creativity and honoring new places through the eyes of a visitor. It’s a reminder of how lucky we are. Of the wonder we feel when we travel and open ourselves to
new places, new people, new discoveries. From Ravello to Positano, Capri and to Sorrento, this is my love letter to Italy – and to you. Amore Mio.”

– Camilla Franks