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AQUA BENDITAColombian swimwear Brand presents their newest collection, The Luckiest, Resort 2022.

“This collection celebrates the nomadic spirit movement. Prints and silhouettes that travel from the past to meet the contemporary versions of imaginaries connected with the colorful, and vibrant spirit of Agua Bendita.”
– Sergio Sánchez, CO-Creative Director of Agua Bendita

To understand the value of a second in an ordinary day, to keep it in your heart as a memory: that makes us lucky. This collection is inspired by the power that recollections have when being written in our memory. Sometimes these memories arrive with the perfect dose of stillness. To understand the majesty of details, the small and invisible.

Two rays of sun, fresh lemonade, and, the perfect bikinis. Isabela Grutman, Gigi Paris, Akiima, and, Kamila Hansen. The recipe for this journey that begins closing our eyes, feeling each heartbeat connected to the present, filling us with curiosity, making us think how many places in the world are still unknown, all the history left to write.

In Agua Bendita, this story is more than told, this story is hand told. A design that begins as an inspiration, a hand-drawn illustration. A Colombian tradition, history will forever remain in these art pieces. 500 artisan hands that make every piece unique. Pieces that travel to the most unknown places of Medellín just to be handcrafted. That’s what handcrafted devotion is all about.