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Moose Knuckles’ Get In Line campaign presents a series of interconnected stories illustrating the joys of the urban experience through members of their creative community, bringing the label’s outerwear Icons to life as seen on the spectacle of the streets. Notably, is Carlos Nazario’s first campaign for Moose Knuckles since he was officially named Global Artistic Director for the brand earlier in the year. Inspired by the gritty determination of city living, the campaign showcases the label’s Fall / Winter ’23 collection on some of the most diverse names in the contemporary creative world standing strong against winter’s harshest elements in their own unique ways.

Legendary Canadian music artist Alanis Morissette is the campaign’s lead, bridging a groundbreaking force of the ’90s alternative music scene to the next generation of revolutionary creatives. In many ways, Morissette represents an archetypal figure in the Moose Knuckles creative world, known for becoming a household name due to her unapologetic and authentic approach to the lyrics of her smash hits sung by legions of fans across the globe, two core pillars of the Moose Knuckles brand. 

“I’m excited to be the face of Moose Knuckles’ Fall/Winter ’23 campaign. Moose Knuckles is a modern and forward-thinking Canadian luxury label that is street-meets-haute. As a young artist singing from the age of 9 in my hometown of Ottawa, I felt surrounded by a quality of expressing that was androgynous and brazen. I am very happy to be working with a brand that understands the importance of raw and visceral expression being brought to the world. Moose Knuckles lives by this commitment and honors it in their designs.”

– Alanis Morissette

A central component of the campaign is its reimagination of Morissette’s iconic music video for the song “Hand in my Pocket,” with Morissette walking down a street with a herd of “moose” in tow, young creatives wearing both Moose Knuckles outerwear like her and some in moose mascot costumes—illustrating that the label is never one to take itself too seriously. Cheeky irreverence is as synonymous to Moose Knuckles as their high-performance winter jackets and coats, and “herd,” plural for moose, is what the brand affectionately calls its loyal customer base.

While Morissette holds the proverbial torch leading the way for other Moose Knuckles creatives in this movement, the campaign also features emerging actor Javon “Wanna” Walton of Euphoria fame, Beatrice Domond, the first and only female professional skateboarder to land a Supreme sponsorship, Toronto-based music artist Mustafa the Poet, who has already collaborated among the likes world-famous Canadians including Drake and The Weeknd early in his career, and “Shy” a young model who is a rising talent in the fashion industry. All are drivers of culture in their own rights, shown in familiar day-to-day city scenes from waiting on a subway platform to huddled up in a close-knit circle on the street.

“For the Moose Knuckles’ Fall/ Winter ’23 campaign, we return to the streets. On our bustling, energetic, wild, irreverent and beautiful stomping grounds where anything can happen, we encounter our creative community on a daily basis. Our endlessly inspiring urban tribe are the protagonists of this campaign. People like Alanis Morissette, Mustafa the Poet, Javon Walton, Beatrice Domond and Shy truly embody the Moose Knuckles spirit of boldness, fearlessness, passion, and talent!”

– Carlos Nazario, Global Artistic Director of Moose Knuckles