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Someone called it the “Grand Hotel on wheels”, it was the most famous and romantic train of all time. 150 years have passed since Georges Nagelmackers gave birth to his vision of a new idea of travel, a luxury train that could travel great distances allowing you to explore distant lands: the Orient Express. From 2023, the iconic train returns to Italy in its “La Dolce Vita” edition, an experience that will lead us to the discovery of 14 Italian regions plus three international destinations (from Rome to Paris, from Istanbul to Split), inspired by the fascinating of the 60s by Fellini, Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni.

A history of hosting famous parties and intriguing guests, including spies, authors, ambassadors and royalty, Travel has developed a reputation for memorable connections made between fine dining and late-night toasts and then as now, guests are surrounded by unparalleled furnishings, an impeccable and understated balance between historic and contemporary, panoramic windows and contemporary artwork, carriages with inlaid design and legendary artifacts, each with a story of its own. The new spacious suites are named after the European cities on the train’s route: Venice, Istanbul, Paris,

Vienna, Budapest and Prague. The Orient Express la Dolce Vita also reaches hidden and long-forgotten places in order to discover Italy through slow and eco-sustainable tourism.


Among floral, pinstriped and herringbone ramages, which mix masculine and feminine, the

woman travels between Paris, Venice, Budapest and Istanbul, between textile exoticisms and imaginary times. Dresses inspired by the 30s for the evening, while for the day with a cinched waistline. She is a very chic woman who sets off on a journey with exclusive and ad hoc clothes divided by a double personality: the diva in a jumpsuit and the businesswoman in a Prince of Wales suit. The color palette ranges from ice white to jade green and rose quartz, beige and sand, as well as bordeaux, graphite and gold lamé.