From Our Brands


Our stage is set for a journey of self-discovery. We pull back the curtain and step into new worlds, new dreams, and new adventures.

“What makes a great story? As Luna Bear skips through the school gates this year and the world expands around her, I reminisce on childhood and what guides us as we grow. For me, it’s the power of storytelling. From fantasy, to biography, history to mythology – we’re shaped by the stories we hear and by those who tell them.

Stories have power. They connect us. They teach us. From ancient fireside tales, dinner table anecdotes to operas of the grandest stage, we immerse in worlds beyond our own and feel reality through someone else’s eyes. Great stories stay with us, evoking our most primal senses, bonding us through a uniquely human experience.

With “Moral of the Story” I want to celebrate the greatest stories ever told. Curating the stories for this collection was as personal as bedtime tales told to Luna Bear.
Every collection, every print, every piece has a story. Join me as the story telling begins.”

– Camilla Franks